Microlearning is quickly becoming an industry standard for training and development- offering stand-alone, self-directed training opportunities for employees to continually develop applicable skills and enhance their job performance.

This should come as no surprise, as leading researchers and experts in the field of industrial training have shown that the most effective learning outcomes stem from:

Digestible content
that is variable
Spaced content
utilized at users pace.
Allows the learner to ‘block-out’ practice opportunities.
Enables acquisition of knowledge to be transferred
to day-to-day job activities.

Featured Learning Programs

Microlearning Course Curriculum

With a full library of microlearning course videos, HRSS can help your employees, teams, and organizations build the skills they need to succeed from A-Z.

From building better communication skills to resolving conflict, see how to empower your team to be as effective as possible.

More About Talent Development

Why It Works

We are focused on improving the positive performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings to create lasting effects on an organization’s operations and bottom-line.

Anywhere, At Any Time

Microlearning can be done anywhere, and at any time, making them an extremely cost-effective solution for organizations looking to provide targeted, ongoing developmental opportunities that are available when employees need them most.

Granular & Self-Directed

Because microlearning is both granular and self-directed, employees can skip or repeat microlearning lessons as they see fit, aiding them in improving their job performance through training exercises that they have tailored to their own unique needs.

Variety of Topics for Overall Growth

Employees can learn more about a variety of useful topics through quality videos that will help them to strengthen important organizational knowledge gaps.

Number of Unique Lesson Plans

HRSS is proud to offer a variety of microlearning lessons that can be combined to provide a number of unique lesson plans for specific areas of employee performance.


Microlearning supported and delivered by a team of industry experts. Our consultants are expert facilitators, instructional design specialists, leadership coaches, industrial-organizational psychologists, research & data analysts, and certified professionals in human resources.

All there to help empower your employees!

We Highlight the Essentials

By parsing our most essential training content into short, bite-sized pieces, our microlearning lessons aim to provide learning content in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


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